My husband and I love travelling and of course drinking cocktails.  We enjoy spending time together exploring new places, getting our bearings, meeting new people, and generally just having a good time.

Our current jobs are in project consulting, which means we can’t get long periods of time off work, and when we aren’t working we aren’t making money, (which we need to travel more, it’s a never ending cycle).  There are many styles of holidaying, currently we aim to travel to 5 or 6 places a year, to make this affordable we have been choosing more cost effective accommodation and transport.  Previously I used to be all about the 5 star accommodation, and while this is great, we spent most of our money at the hotel rather than getting out and exploring.  So currently the majority of our experiences they are now on the cheaper end.

That’s not to say I don’t like splurging occasionally for example, one of my bucket list items is to watch the ball drop in New York on New Years Eve.  I don’t want to stand with the masses in Times Square as to me that doesn’t look like fun, I want to enjoy it from an area where I can drink cocktails, take in the sites and have ready access to clean toilets.  Who knows when we will get there, but I can’t imagine that will be a cheap holiday.

This blog is all about our travel adventures, and any hints or tips I can give to fellow travellers to make their holidays more enjoyable.  Because sharing is caring.