6 Tips Before Heading To Nusa Lembongan

1. Cash

Get cash out before you get to the island, most places only accept cash not card.  There are a few ATM’s around, but they are few and far between, and not always reliable.

2. Indonesian Rupiah

There are many places to change money

Change money to Indonesian Rupiah before you get to the island, although it is relatively easy to change money, the exchange rate is about the same as what you get at the airport, so while not terrible, it’s not great either.

3. Tours

Our guide relaxing whilst we snorkel

Book tours when you get to the island, either through the many small outlets or speak to your hotel and ask them to arrange.  I looked at a snorkelling tour online at it was about $60USD from memory, when I got to the island it was only $15USD, and it ended up being better than what we would have booked online.


4. Going out

Transport offered by most restaurants and bars

Contact any bars or restaurants you want to go to, often they will pick you up and drop you off, save driving your scooter in the dark, or after a few drinks.


5. Getting to the Island

Marlin Lembongan Cruiser – Unloading

Wear shorts and thongs on the ferry over, you will get wet legs, there isn’t a jetty so both getting onboard and getting to shore you will be expected to walk in the ocean. For more information on how to get to the island read my post here.


6. Where to Stay

Cliff Top Villas Infinity Edged Pool

The island is bigger than it looks, and there is no public transport or taxi’s, if you aren’t confident on a scooter pick a hotel close to what you are interested in doing, although you can walk or arrange lifts to most places.

We stayed at the Lembongan Cliff Villa’s, it was cheap and very convenient.  The pool was clean, and although the stairs were very steep it made for a terrific view when sitting in the infinity edged pool at the end of the day.  There was also a terrific view from just outside our door which greeted us each morning.

Steep Stairs to an Amazing View

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