Places to eat Phnom Penh

There are so many places to eat in Phnom Penh, we ate meals at the markets and off the streets, which does make it hard to direct you to these places, I have put together a list of the restaurants we went to as well.  While they aren’t expensive by western standards they aren’t as cheap as eating off the streets either.  I have tried to give examples of typical meals to give you an idea of cost.


Brooklyn Pizza & Bistro

Brooklyn Pizza & Bistro – Big Sal’s

Serving mainly American food as the name would suggest this was one of my favourite places to eat.  It serves a great variety of pizza’s, pastas, burgers and chicken wings.  We discovered this place late one night on our way back to the hotel, and ended up eating here a couple of times.  While pricier than some other places, the quality ingredients were better than the other places too.  My recommendation would be Big Sal’s, the pepperoni pizza $USD9.95 and garlic bread with marinara dipping sauce $USD2.75.  The Buffalo Style chicken wings $USD5.99 were also amazing.


Big Board Kitchen

Big Board Kitchen – Pork Kambot Pepper

This little joint was great, their variety of schnitzels were amazing, with both traditional varieties on the menu, as well as unique offerings using local spices and flavours.

We had the Chicken Garlic Lovers and Pork Kambot Pepper, both were served with coleslaw and chips.  Servings were a great size, and the meal was delicious.  I preferred the Kampot Pepper, but I couldn’t decide if I liked the Kampot Pepper Sauce or the Garlic Sauce more.  Both meals were $USD7.25 each.


Sesame Noodle Bar

Sesame Noodle Bar – Ramen (left) & Wonton Soup (right)

We discovered this place the last night we were in Phnom Penh, and what a treat.  I wish we’d known about it earlier.  This tiny little Japanese restaurant tucked down a side street was definitely a treat. The kitchen is open, so you get to see and smell the delights from the kitchen while waiting for your meal to arrive.  My husband had the Ramen $USD5.50 and it was amazing, as was the Wonton Soup $USD5.00.  If you go there you must save room for dessert.  The Chocolate Bombs $USD3.25 were the bomb!  Hard chocolate outside and gooey chocolate inside.  This place was great!


Eleven One Kitchen

The food here was simple but very tasty.  The kitchen prides itself on being clean, providing fresh food with local ingredients, and it did exactly that.  We came here a couple of times.  You can eat inside with aircon if it’s particularly hot, or if your like me and love the outdoors, I enjoyed sitting in the leafy courtyard.  They had plenty of fans to make the dining experience pleasant.   My favourite was the Fried Pork Spring Roll $USD4.00 and the stir fry beef with 3 coloured pepper $USD4.75.  Rice is an additional $USD0.50.    Cocktails here are also very tasty!


FCC – Foreign Correspondence Club

We stopped here for lunch, we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the great view of the street and the river.  We had the roast beef sandwich $USD10.50 and the grilled chicken and been skewers $USD5.25 and the French Fries with truffle and parmesan cheese $3.95.  There is also a lot of local art on the walls, you can appreciate it while you are there, or you can purchase the items to take home with you.  I was particularly impressed with the photography display in one of the back rooms while we were there.  I could imagine sitting here drinking an afternoon away quite easily.


If you have any of your own suggestions let me know.

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