5 Favourite Cocktail Bars Phnom Penh

I loved Phnom Penh, there were so many things to see and do.  And after spending the day wandering the sites it was lovely to spend the evenings sipping on a cocktail or two.  Here is a list of my favourite bars to explore when you are in Phnom Penh.


Loved this place, so many original cocktails, and such a great atmosphere.  The staff here are all lovely and happy to have a chat or leave you to enjoy your drinks.  They have an extensive list of original cocktails, as well as some of the great classics.  I think we drank our way through most on the list!  

My favourites were the Bloody Mary served with Spicy Candy Bacon $USD5.50, this could have been just because the bacon was so delicious, but I enjoyed the twist to the classic cocktail.  The One Hot Minute $USD7.00 was pretty unique, whisky, honey and chilli served with orange chocolate fudge.  Very smooth and tasty!


Elephant Bar

Elephant Bar – Tamarind

The iconic Elephant Bar … something you should do while you are in Phnon Penh.  Cocktails are more expensive here than other bars around the area, and they are not as imaginative, but still fun to do.  It was a little further out than other bars, but once we got there it was a lovely place to sit and enjoy the evening. 

My favourite was the Jasmine $USD14, vodka with jasmine vermouth, and the Tamarind $USD14 Bourbon with tamarind sugar and bitter.  We also tried a couple of tapas $USD10 each, the chorizo and the calamari.  They also offer free nibbles, and the salt and pepper banana may sound really strange, but I was addicted to it.



FCC – Thousand Breezes

The FCC or Foreign Correspondence Club is a historic location where expats hang out.  If you can get a seat on the balcony you can look out over the Mekong River, or watch the hustle and bustle of the city around you.  We came here mid afternoon before the crowd for a quiet drink.

My favourite cocktail here was the Thousand Breezes $USD5.50 with rum, gin, tequila, mango, pineapple and lime juice.  And it hit the spot perfectly, to quench my thirst on such a hot day.


China House

China House – Tutti Frutti

Located on the waterfront, a little further up than the FCC we stumbled upon China House.  The soft ambient lighting and relaxing day beds added to the charm.

Tutti Frutti was my favourite cocktail here, frozen and sweet.  We also tried the tasting platter, which is a definite must.  Local flavours, mixed with different South African flavours, give this a go!



Eclipse Sky Bar

Eclipse Sky Bar – Passion Eclipse

It’s all about the view here, the cocktails are pleasant, and cheap, but sitting on the roof out in the open air, 23 floors up, is what it’s all about.  There is usually a little bit of a wait to get to the roof, but they have an air conditioned waiting area and someone to manage the available tables. So it all seems to move quite seamlessly. 

My favourite cocktail here was the passion eclipse, vodka, triple sec and passionfruit, $USD6, very sweet and fruity, but at the same time nice and refreshing for a warm evening.


If you have any suggestions on places you should go, please leave the details in the comments below.


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